11000mm Diameter 65mm Thickness Carbon Steel Segmented Tank Head

A segmental tank head is a type of head or end cap that is used to close the top or bottom of a cylindrical tank . It is called ” segmental ” because it is formed by cutting a larger sphere or dome into smaller sections .


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The segmental tank head is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas , chemical processing , and water treatment . It provides a strong and secure closure for the tank , ensuring that the contents are contained safely .

To install a segmental tank head , the tank must first be properly prepared , including cleaning and inspection . The head is then aligned and welded onto the tank using appropriate welding techniques and equipment . Care must be taken to ensure proper alignment and sealing to prevent leaks .

Segmental tank heads can be made from various materials , including carbon steel , stainless steel , and other alloys , depending on the specific requirements of the application . They are often designed and manufactured according to industry standards and regulations to ensure their integrity and reliability .


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