Warmly Congratulating Lin Mei for Granted the Chinese Chemi

From 4th April 2015 to 16th April 2015, the Chinese Chemical Equipment Association held a “The sixth general convention for members in Chinese Chemical Equipment Association, National Pressure Container Manufacturing Unit working conference and economical situation report conference and the Chinese Chemical Equipment Association dish head professional Committee meeting in the Chinese Chemical Equipment Association in 2015 ” on the beautiful fortress of Chengdu located in Sichuan Province.

The meeting this time had formed the Chairman of the Professional Dish Head Committee and the Vice Chairman, Senior Engineer Duan Ruijun of Chinese Chemical Equipment Association will take the role as the Chairman of the Committee, the board chairman of my company Gui Shili and eight other dish head company leaders will be the vice chairmans. In the meeting, Chinese Chemical Equipment Association had awarded a “Chinese Chemical Equipment Association Dish Head Manufacturing Unit First Class Certification” for my company. This award of this certificate recognized that our company had been recognized by the national authorities in the ability to manufacture dish head.

The board chairman of our company Gui Shili announced that he will be the Vice Chairman in the Chinese Chemistry Equipment Association Dish Head industry Committee. He will lead the company together with the industry, to achieve Chinese dish head industry being united, innovative, tough, prosper, to improve the overall technological level in the industry, and to strive for the glory for the development of the industry once again. We will also make use of the industry growth opportunity, continue to renovate, to train new high-end industry in order to improve the core advantages. For the purposes of increasing the pace of the industrial development, we will use our humble power and help to improve Chinese dish head industry’s manufacturing standard in the international market.

Post time: Dec-05-2017