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Challenging the New Technology ,Creating Good Products

Date:2017-12-05      Views:758      Tag:torispherical head

In hot summer, everywhere is full of lotus fragrance. Along with the leave of June, 2015 has passed a half, and July will be a new start, which leads the beginning in the second half of 2015. In such a new start, Lin Mei company also meets a new challenge.

In early July, a Beijing customer places an order a batch of 2200 * 10 elliptical head. In general,the production of elliptical head is easy for us, but it is not as easy as we thought.Because this batch of head adopts a special imported materials YUS701----- stainless steel. This material has good high temperature resistance, corrosion , oxidation resistance and other properties. It needs high technical requirements of welding and repression, and a little error prones to fracture phenomenon, affecting the product quality. What’s worse, it may be direct scrapped.Because of the special material, the client visits several head company. Finally, they decisively chose us, which is an affirmation of our technology and quality. We will go all out, do not let customer down.

Due to the particularity of YUS701 stainless steel, our company can't produce it according to the method of welding and suppression before. The company leadership gather technology department and production department to discuss the solution combined with many years’ work experience, eventually making a effective scheme to weld and suppress . In the process of suppression , taking a variety of combination process of drum pressure method, makes the head size and appearance conforming to the requirements of the customers. Luckily,we finish it perfectly.

Every challenge is the best opportunity to breakthrough. This success not only solves the problem for customers, but also improves the quality of the company's products by going through the new technology , making our company a new start in the second half of 2015. But we can’t be complacent, stop to advance, but go ahead and create a brilliant future!

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