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2017China Trade Week (Iran)

Date:2017-12-05      Views:740      Tag:steel hemisphere,elliptical head chinese factory

On September 19th, 2017, the second term of 2017China Trade Week (Iran) opens at the sun city international exhibition center in Tehran, Iran . Wuhan Linmei Head Plate Co., LTD is invited to attend this exhibition, which shows the Chinese advanced manufacturing level in dished head industry . At the same time ,it learns more about the Iranian market by visiting the old customers, unearthing a large number of potential customers, which laid a foundation for exploring international market.

China Trade Week (Iran), is the first organized by Chinese enterprises in the exhibition, supported by China government and Iraq government. What’s more, China trade week has also been listed as China's national exit exhibition project, the strength of the domestic leading exhibitions in Iran.

Through the prophase preparation, relying on "China head quality" glory, we have delicate stainless steel samples, powerful product posters and easy-carrying four folding brochures, reflecting the leading level of China's manufacturing industry. During the four-day exhibition, we have received hundreds of business cards, more than 30 effective offers and three orders, which can be said to have a surprising effect. By communication, many customers expressed great interest in our products, and highly appreciated our company's production ability, processing technology and market competitiveness.

With its high quality products and excellent service, our company has been steadily developing, not only at home, but in international market. With the help of china trade week, our company will further open the Iranian market, further enhance the brand image of the products and lay a solid foundation for the broader international trade market. I believe, under the leadership of the chairman-- Mr. Gui Jianfeng, and the effort of all the colleagues , Wuhan Linmei Head Plate Co., LTD will get better and better in near future.

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